Water. desalination + reuse

DWR NovDec 2015

Water. Desalination + reuse

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On the night of the first day of the IDA's World Congress 2015 those of us who'd spent a hard day at the exhibition stand had desalination industry parties to attend. Five of them. Yep, the after-hours opportunities in the splendid city of San Diego were pleasantly distracting. But there were serious water treatment issues too to keep us focused. If there was a theme to pull out of the 300 presentations, the panel discussions and the exhibition of more than 100 companies it was one of changing times. Those changes include growing public acceptability of desalination. But there is also a shift in emphasis to wastewater treatment and sustainability that is inspiring new approaches to financing. Speaking at the Congress, mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, said: "Ten years ago the public wanted no part of desalination," but it was viewed now as, "not a matter of if but when." President and chief of ACWA Power, Paddy Padmanathan, spoke of a "massive yet unutilized source" with 85% of water used going to waste with only 2.4% from recycled water. San Diego water authority vice chairman, Mark Weston, said it was crucial to diversify. "Ultimately we will desalinate wastewater to potable water," he said Meanwhile World Water Council president, Benedito Braga – who is also secretary for water resources at the next IDA congress venue, Sao Paulo – told a recent Financial Times conference in London: "in Sao Paulo, desalination becomes more viable every day". And regions that are homes to the billion folk without access to clean water too are potentially great beneficiaries of desalination as well opportunities for business. Statements such as: "The poor are bankable: whose balance sheets are ready?" as heard at the FT event might be uncomfortable but they describe real opportunities for commerce and for social gain. We have an example in this issue of promising research from the UK into small- scale brackish water desalination to address scarcity in inland water stressed areas. Yet alongside the need for technological innovation to address the global requirement for new water, there is a need too for innovation in finance. In this issue we feature the rise of RWL Water which includes its novel finance offering to the small industrial market. Elsewhere there are funding opportunities in even the poorest communities. Chief and founder of Water.org, Gary White, spoke recently of US$ 250 billion a year in coping costs borne by the thirsty one billion that can be aggregated into funding at village, household or even individual level. In Angola, there are moves away from large equity investors to micro finance gambits that can offset the excessive costs paid by the poor for their water. Newly appointed IDA president Emilio Gabbrielli, writes in this issue of his desire to extend the influence of the organization during his tenure. Now is certainly the time to invite more to the party. Dr Trevor Loveday COMMENT Interested parties edItor'scorner | 6 | desalination & Water reuse | november-december 2015 Solutions for a Sustainable Future Highest Quality TORAY membrane elements are manufactured using the latest technologies and materials, delivering state-of-the-art products. Because quality control is an essential step in ensuring superior performance, our manufacturing process is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Full Product Range With a proven track record in high-end membrane development, TORAY is the only manufacturer offering all types of membranes for the water and wastewater treatment industry, especially RO, NF, UF and MBR. Global Supply with Local Expertise TORAY sells and distributes its products throughout the world, while providing expert support and service locally and in person. No matter where you need assistance, TORAY makes sure that you have on-site access to its expertise. Our commitment starts here. RO / NF membranes UF membranes MBR membranes For more information visit www.toraywater.com or contact our regional office. Asia (Japan) TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. Head Office Phone: +81-3-3245-4540 Fax: +81-3-3245-4913 North & South America TORAY MEMBRANE USA, INC. Phone: +1-858-218-2360 Fax: +1-858-218-2380 Europe TORAY MEMBRANE EUROPE AG Phone: +41-61-415-8710 Fax: +41-61-415-8720 Middle East (except Saudi Arabia) TORAY MEMBRANE EUROPE (MIDDLE EAST BRANCH) Phone: +971-4-392-8811 Fax: +971-4-395-8639 Asia (China) TORAY BLUESTAR MEMBRANE CO., LTD. Phone: +86-10-8048-5216 Fax: +86-10-8048-5217 Asia (Singapore) TORAY ASIA PTE. LTD. Phone: +65-6226-0525 Fax: +65-6226-0509

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