Water. desalination + reuse

May/June 2013

Water. Desalination + reuse

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COMMENT eDitoR'scoRneR Perhaps oil and water do mix THE FIRST major attempt by the International Desalination Association (IDA) to reach out to another industry proved a great success. The Water Recycling & Desalination for the Oil & Gas Industry conference on 12-14 May 2013 (see report page 43) held in Alberta, Canada, was adjudged by most participants to be a great success, if only because it demonstrated that neither the desalination nor the oil & gas sectors knew a great deal about the other. By the end of the conference, both sides were considerably wiser, not least about how much they didn't know. I had a good chat with Chris Godwalt, senior advisor to Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), an organisation whose job it is to help participating companies capture, develop and share the most innovative approaches and best thinking to improve environmental performance in the oil sands, focusing on SSD: SSD: Mega scale HPP four Environmental Priority Areas (EPAs) – tailings, water, land and greenhouse gases. He confirmed the view that I had acquired on the first day of the event that oil & gas producers in general have had a set of tools that they have been using for many years to deal with their water and had very little knowledge of any technologies not in that toolbox. Godwalt and I agreed to confer further about ways to increase the flow of information in both directions, so look out for more news and articles from this sector than hitherto. The other success attached to the Banff conference was the further step taken by the IDA's Humanitarian Outreach Program, which was started in Portofino, Italy, in May 2011, where the event raised US$ 120,000 for water-poor people in Thailand and Madagascar. This time, the sum amassed was double that thanks HP-HEMI: Mega scale ERD and system control to a contribution from the Canadian International Development Agency of $ 3 for every $ 1 collected by IDA. With Rotary International again involved, the money was channelled to the Centre for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology (CAWST). As Shauna Curry, CEO of CAWST, told me, following her opening address to the conference, the organisation works at a grass-roots level providing the education and training to enable communities to construct and operate their own water projects. Lastly, congratulations should go to Guillaume Clairet of H2O Innovation, who was the driving force and an ever-present MC for the event, and IDA staff member Karen Zilinek who assisted him with the administration. It was an event that will bear repeating at a different venue – Pennsylvania, anyone? Robin Wiseman HPB: HPB: Mega scale ERD FEDCO is a global leader in the manufacture of high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices (ERDs) for brackish and seawater RO systems. FEDCO's seawater RO high pressure product line sets the standard for the lowest life cycle cost, from mega-scale to small system applications. We can be your single-source for single and multi-stage centrifugal pump and ERD packages. SWRO PACKAGE MSS & HPB LP-HEMI: Integrated HPP and ERD MSD: All duplex SS MSB: MSB: HPP for BWRO LPD: Brine to electricity FEDCO's brackish water RO product line uses modular (According to a 3rd party industry components for optimal cost, efficiency, and delivery. The low pressure units can be configured as a feed pump, energy recovery, integrated motor-assisted turbocharger, and brine-driven turbo-generator. publication of desalination market.) Making fluid energy work for you Tel: +734.241.3935 Fax: +734.241.5173 www.fedco-usa.com sales@fedco-usa.com FLUID EQUIPMENT DE VELOPMENT COMPANY, LLC | 4 | Desalination & Water Reuse | May-June 2013 Contact us today to learn more about the world's most innovative RO pumping and energy recovery products. 800 TERNES DRIVE MONROE, MI 48162 USA

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