Water. desalination + reuse

DWR FebMarch 2015

Water. Desalination + reuse

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SHOWCASE | 26 | Desalination & Water Reuse | February-March 2015 Danfoss launches largest positive Displacement pump for seawater Desalination Pump manufac- turer, Danfoss, has launched its largest positive displace- ment pump which the company has described as designed for mid-size seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plants. At 78 m³ /h the APP 78 pump deliv- ers the highest flow rate of any axial piston pump for SWRO according to Danfoss. Installed in parallel trains, the APP 78 brought "unprecedented energy savings in SWRO plants," operating at up to 30,000 m 3 /d said Danfoss. The pump uses the well-established axial piston technology that Danfoss deploys in its smaller pumps. Danfoss said it had targeted the growing market for mid-size SWRO plants with the APP78 but at flow rates of 1,800 m³/d, higher-capacity SWRO plants can also use the device. "Customers are building more mid-size plants, and they are more focused on energy efficiency than ever before," said global sales director at Danfoss, Jesper Bentzen. The APP 78 delivered "unmatched output for such a compact construction," according to Danfoss. The new pump design is also available in a 53 m³/hour version, the APP 53. With the latest launches, Danfoss High Pressure Pumps now cover flow rates from 0.6 to 78 m³/hour. The APP 78 and 53 will be available worldwide from the first quarter of 2015. Koch unveils "virtually unbreaKable" hollow–fibre ultrafiltration cartriDge Membrane maker, Koch membrane systems, has launched a hollow-fibre ultrafiltration cartridge for high-solids water and wastewater applications, including the treatment of surface water, tertiary wastewater and reverse osmosis pretreatment. Koch said its Puron MP hollow-fibre cartridge has a continu- ous solids tolerance of up to 250 mg/l. It has a "unique" single- potting cartridge design that enables air scouring to penetrate the fibre bundle to release accumulated solids to the bottom of the cartridge where they are easily drained away. Koch said the cartridge uses the same "virtually unbreakable" reinforced fibre as others in the Puron product line. It claimed the new line simplified operation, eliminated clarifier pretreat- ment in many applications, minimized downtime and reduced chemical usage, to reduce costs. energy recovery ships pressure exchanger to inDia for oil refinery Desalination US fluid pressure recovery specialist, Energy Recovery, has shipped its PX Q300 Pressure Exchanger devices to Jamnagar, India as part of a large desalination plant expansion at the world's largest oil refinery. The energy recovery devices are going into a reverse osmosis plant being added to the Jamnagar plant's existing 160,000 m³/d multiple effect distillation facility, upping its output by 188,000 m³/d in its third expansion since commissioning. Reduction of energy consumption was critical to the expan- sion project according to Energy Recovery. The company said its PX Q300 was "well known for its reli- ability, energy efficiency and lifetime guarantee," owing to Energy Recovery's ten years in India's market. Recently its award-winning PX Pressure Exchangers were installed in two of India's largest seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants, Chennai I and II. Energy Recovery chief executive officer Tom Rooney said the Jamnagar project "demonstrates a crystal clear example of the water- energy nexus. To create energy, we need water and vice versa." xylem extenDs uv Disinfection series for bigger flows Water technology company, Xylem. has expanded its series of Wedeco Spek- tron ultraviolet (UV ) disinfec- tion systems for drinking water to accommo- date the needs of mid-flow- rate plants. The two new models were suitable for drinking water sites with flow rates higher than 2,000 m 3 /h said Xylem. The 2000e and 4000e models bring the Spektron series to 14 systems and are most suitable for municipal drinking water treatment plants. They increase the maximum flow capacity of the series to more than 4,000 m 3 /h according to the manufacturer. The series includes low-pressure, 600 W Ecoray lamps which reduce the lamp count by up to 60%, to decrease maintenance, and energy costs Xylem claimed. The series, including the two new models, has been certified by German DVGW[1] directives as well as the US EPA's UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM 2006) to safeguard UV systems. Xylem's UV systems product manager, Tanja Burgschwaiger, said: "Until now, plants in the mid-flow range have needed to utilize several treatment trains or other less energy-efficient solutions to meet required disinfection standards. Our long-lasting Ecoray lamps deliver unmatched energy savings, particularly in dimmed mode, making the new Spektron systems an ideal solution for mid-size to large drinking water plants." The new models are equipped with an automatic wiping system. And both include a Wedeco OptiCone flow diverter at the inlet which, the company said, ensures even flow distribution with very low headloss regardless of the upfront piping configuration. Xylem's Wedeco Spektron 2000e is currently available, while the 4000e model will be available in early 2015.

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