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Find out more at © S & C Electric Company 2020. All rights reserved. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE WITH S&C'S TRIPSAVER ® II CUTOUT-MOUNTED RECLOSER S & C's TripSaver ® II Cutout-Mounted Recloser dramatically improves the way distribution network operators (DNOs) respond to 80% of faults on spur lines. When a transient fault occurs, such as from lightning strikes or contact from trees, the device avoids lengthy site visits to inspect the line and replace fuses. The TripSaver II recloser also eliminates short interruptions for customers on the main feeder and avoids tripping off distributed generation on the main feeder by only blinking the affected spurs. The TripSaver ® II Cutout-Mounted recloser is a proven technology, which is self-powered and maintenance-free. It is a smart replacement for fuses and auto-sectionalisers, and it offers greater protection features. With S & C's TripSaver ® II Cutout-Mounted Recloser, prepare for savings for DNOs and customers alike, all while improving grid reliability for all. Keep planning for the grid of tomorrow by improving your reliability today with S & C.

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