Water. desalination + reuse

November/December 2012

Water. Desalination + reuse

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COMMENT editoR���ScoRneR Water reuse requires constant care to the public, the reuse of wastewater for agricultural or potable purposes has always looked a dangerous practice. To the water engineer, who has to weigh the risks inherent in reuse, it is simply a question of suitable technology and practice. Reconciling these two views has had its problems. A recent report from the WateReuse Association (Health Effects Concerns of Water Reuse with Research Recommendations - WRA-06-004-1) said that concentrations of residual contaminants in highly processed wastewaters in the USA that could be used for planned indirect potable reuse were, in general, so low that that it was unlikely that there would be any significant risks to health. At the same time, however, it published another report recommending a multi-barrier approach to water-reuse to guard against pathogens like Cryptosporidium. SSD: SSD: Mega scale HPP This is the crux of the spread of waterreuse. Wastewater needs high quality treatment to allow it to be reused for agriculture or drinking water. In rich neighbourhoods like Orange County, California, with its groundwater recharge scheme, this will be affordable. In other areas, even within the USA, while a city or utility might start its reuse scheme with the best of intentions, budget cuts, changing personnel or other pressures might well see standards lowered, membranes changed less often and dangers to the public increased. This is why a set of guidelines such as those just introduced by the US Environmental Protection Association (2012 Guidelines For Water Reuse) is so vital to a nation, region or city undertaking water reuse. And, of course, they should be standards, not just guidelines. However, it is not just the consumer of HP-HEMI: Mega scale ERD and system control reused water that needs to be protected. A new report (see Research News) by researchers at the University of Maryland���s School of Public Health in the USA found the ���superbug��� methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) at four US wastewater-reuse plants (WWTPs). As the report���s principal author, Rachel Rosenberg Goldstein, environmental health doctoral student, pointed out, ���Our findings raise potential public health concerns for WWTP workers and individuals exposed to reclaimed wastewater.��� One of the four sites (the only one unchlorinated) had MRSA in its final effluent. I sincerely hope that this (unnamed) reuse plant was using some other form of disinfection, because otherwise they are proving the point I made earlier. Robin Wiseman HPB: HPB: Mega scale ERD FEDCO is a global leader in the manufacture of high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices (ERDs) for brackish and seawater RO systems. FEDCO���s seawater RO high pressure product line sets the standard for the lowest life cycle cost, from mega-scale to small system applications. We can be your single-source for single and multi-stage centrifugal pump and ERD packages. SWRO PACKAGE MSS & HPB LP-HEMI: Integrated HPP and ERD MSD: All duplex SS MSB: MSB: HPP for BWRO LPD: Brine to electricity FEDCO���s brackish water RO product line uses modular (According to a 3rd party industry publication of desalination market.) Making ���uid energy work for you Tel: +734.241.3935 Fax: +734.241.5173 www.fedco-usa.com sales@fedco-usa.com FLUID EQUIPMENT DE VELOPMENT COMPANY, LLC | 4 | desalination & Water Reuse | november-december 2012 components for optimal cost, ef���ciency, and delivery. The low pressure units can be con���gured as a feed pump, energy recovery, integrated motor-assisted turbocharger, and brine-driven turbo-generator. Contact us today to learn more about the world's most innovative RO pumping and energy recovery products. 800 TERNES DRIVE MONROE, MI 48162 USA

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