Water. desalination + reuse

November/December 2012

Water. Desalination + reuse

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BUSINESS The Galilah SWRO plant will have a 68,000 m3/d capacity. It is being built by Aquatech Eastern of the UAE for FEWA. Both plants will start operation in 2013. Until now, no large-scale RO desalination plant had been built on the UAE���s Arabian Gulf side. Toray says that its outstanding track record in harsh salt waters paved the way to its winning these back-to-back orders. The two orders bring Toray���s membrane supply to desalination plants in the UAE to a total capacity of 480,000 m3/d. H2O Innovation supplies US city with UF, NF and RO The City of Delaware in Ohio, USA, has awarded a contract to Canada���s H2O Innovation Inc for a drinking-water production system involved ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO). The contract is one of five contracts recently received by H2O Innovation totalling Can$ 6.5 million (US$ 6.6 million) for industrial and municipal water treatment systems. Under the Delaware contract, the company will design, assemble, deliver and commission a system with a capacity of 7.1 MGD (26, 876 m3/d) using UF and NF to treat surface water and a low-pressure RO system to treat groundwater. ���The City of Delaware project has a special significance for us as it will be a great demonstration platform in the Midwest US, close to the fast-growing surfacewater treatment market in the eastern US. Combining three types of membrane technologies in a single system demonstrates our ability to provide multiple technologies to meet high environmental standards and customer needs,��� commented Harbans Kohli, vice president, systems sales of H2O Innovation. In addition, the company will be supplying its patented Bio-Wheel��� technology to provide wastewater treatment to the City of Snow Lake, Manitoba, and the City of Grover, Colorado. Another contract will see H2O Innovation build and deliver a low-pressure RO system for the reclamation of wastewater to an industrial end-user in Idaho. Finally, the company will manufacture and deliver a drinking-water production system to a Canadian oil and gas customer. The system will feature surface water treatment requiring roughing filters, UF and NF processes. Aquatech membrane system treats Indian auto-plant effluent A contract to provide a membrane-based effluent recycling system for an automotive manufacturing facility located in North India���s National Capital Region has been awarded to Aquatech. The treatment system will maximize the recycling of effluent generated in the facility and produce high purity water, which will be reused in the process. The technology provided will consist of physical/chemical precipitation, advanced membrane filtration and reverse osmosis. Aquatech was selected for this project because of its experience in treating large volumes of difficult-to-treat effluents from power, petrochemical and chemical industries. ���This contract further strengthens Aquatech���s position in the effluent recycling segment,��� said Sameer Bhatnagar, assistant general manager sales (Products & Services Division) of Aquatech. ���We are strategically focused on providing recycling solutions that contribute in protecting the environment and also help our customers achieve greater economies in treating and reusing their effluent.��� | 10 | Desalination & Water Reuse | November-December 2012 Nirosoft Industries Ltd has been awarded a contract by Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp (PREC) for design and construction of a produced-water desalination plant in Colombia. The plant will output 500,000 barrels/day (79,500 m3/d) for PREC, the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production company in Colombia. The US$ 100 million plant will be located at PREC���s oil field in the Meta region of Puerto Gaitan and the produced water, a by-product of the petroleum extraction, will be treated by the Nirosoft water purification system to meet environmental discharge requirements. The desalination plant will replace the current disposal practice of deep well injection, and will provide desalinated water for agricultural use to grow trees, thus alleviating costs and improving sustainability standards. To develop a custom solution for this project, Nirosoft operated a pilot plant unit on-site for six months and optimized the process design on the basis of the test results. The final plant design has addressed significant technological challenges involving the removal of hydrocarbons. The plant will consist of various pretreatment stages with innovative separation and filtration technologies, prior to the high recovery reverse osmosis system. The treatment plant will further limit environmental impact by minimizing brine rejection with a final sludge treatment. ���We are very excited to have won this tender,��� says Henry Charrab��, CEO of RWL Water Group, which owns Nirosoft. ���This project is another important milestone for the RWL Water Group in building our global experience and providing innovative water solutions for our customers.��� LIFE. SEA WATER: SOURCE OF REUSE Degr��mont's membrane filtration technology is suitable for the whole range of treated wastewater uses, from agriculture and landscaping to industry and many others. Already valued by farmers and industries, the clean water produced by this demanding process makes a major contribution to water conservation and environmental protection. DESALINATION Degremont draws its desalination experience from its portfolio of more than 250 reverse osmosis plants around the world. The process removes mineral salts by forcing water to cross a semi-permeable membrane. With the growth in world demand for drinking water and with 40% of the world's population living within 100 km of the sea - this technology offers a sustainable solution for the supply of potable water. THE WATER TREATMENT PLANT SPECIALISTS TREATMENT PARTNER �� Les ��ditions Strat��giques Two contracts for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination membranes in the United Arab Emirates were announced by Toray Industries on 6 September 2012. The membranes are for the Al Zawra Desalination Plant in Ajman, and the Ghalilah Desalination Plant in Ras Al Kaimah. The Al Zawra SWRO plant will have a production capacity of 45,000 m3/d. It is being built for the Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) by Cadagua SA of Spain. Nirosoft wins large Colombian desalination plant www.degremont.com Toray wins back-to-back UAE membrane orders

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