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www.wwtonline.co.uk | JULY 2018 | 39 Dräger Pac single- gas monitors With Pac 6000, 6500, 8000 and 8500, Dräger now off ers a new series of personal single-gas monitors. The monitors detect not only the standard gases carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfi de (H2S), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and oxygen (O2) (Pac 6000 and 6500), but also special gases such as ozone, phosgene and nitrogen diox- ide (Pac 8000 and 8500). Pac 8500 is also available with a dual sensor for H2S/CO or O2/CO, and a hydrogen- compensated CO sensor. This signifi cantly reduces the infl uence of hydrogen on the indication of carbon monoxide. OTHER TOP PICKS Next month: Odour control THE DETAILS Semmco HEAD30 Escape Set ● Breathing protection solution for individuals who work in confi ned spaces and hazardous environments ● Provides safe and constant supply of oxygen for up to 30 minutes ● Weighs only 1.5kg What is it for? In the UK, a number of workers are killed or seriously injured in confi ned spaces across a wide of hazardous industries each year. Danger can arise when there is a lack of oxygen or if workers are suddenly faced with poisonous gas, fumes or vapours. Breathing apparatus is essential if the air is compromised. What's good about it? HEAD30 provides 30 minutes' oxygen supply – double the amount off ered by the HEAD15 Escape Set – but remains lightweight at only 1.5kg, allowing the wearer to move about easily. The HEAD30 is designed to be quick and easy to don and remove, while the hood provides panoramic vision and contains an integral audio-visual alarm that improves user safety. An integral oro-nasal mask provides a face seal and with instant oxygen supply on start-up, the mask is operational for the worker immediately. How long does it last? The set boasts a 12-year no-maintenance shelf life, with only a six- and nine-year validation check, as the HEAD30 is sealed in nitrogen, preserving its integrity as well as increasing cost eff ectiveness. The Knowledge Safety equipment Globus SHOWA 4561 safety glove The SHOWA 4561 is the latest safety glove from hand protection specialist Globus. Tested to the new EN388: 2016 standard delivering lev- el D cut resistance, the new 4561 also features ZORB-IT technology to off er stronger grip in oily conditions due to an extra absorbent nitrile coating. The combination of features makes it ideally suit- ed to workers in the oil and gas, utilities and engineering sectors where there are sig- nifi cant cut hazards. It also off ers abrasion and contact heat resistance while also replicating the hands' natural curves for easy movement. DuPont Tychem TK protective suits Worn with a self-contained breathing apparatus, gas-tight suit Tychem TK provides an eff ective bar- rier against more than 300 chemicals. It is specifi - cally designed for situations where there is immediate danger to life and health. Protecting against toxic and corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals, the garment is suitable for industrial, emergency response and domestic preparedness applications. Wearers can choose either the front-entry Tychem TK 614T or the rear-entry TK615T option. Both suit variants feature an adaptive gloves system. PRODUCT OF THE MONTH

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