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Smart Water Networks & Leakage SUPPLIER INSIGHT SUPPLEMENT LINKING PEOPLE, PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY Take your place in the only dedicated supplement for senior water and wastewater professionals Contact Judith Eastham Sales Manager M: 07733 232418 E: JudithEastham@fav-house.com Publication date 29 August Booking deadline 3 August Copy deadline 7 August Reach over 31,248 key decision makers 6 PIPES & DRAINAGE 2018 Aquam Pipe Diagnostics (APD) can deliver complete analysis of the condition of all pipeline infrastructure employing a comprehensive range of proven technologies. New to the market in 2018 is Amplus™, an advanced crawler system that can enter and inspect potable water pipelines of 200mm-diameter and above. The revolutionary surveying system, which was developed at APD's research and training centre in Derby can gather thousands of true wall and liner thickness measurements over lengths of up to 2,000m - 1,000m upstream and downstream from one insertion point. Amplus is not ‚ ow depend- ant and can also assess corrosion and calculate the asset life expectancy of pipeline infrastructure. The system can provide live-feed CCTV from its forward and reverse cameras, real-time hydrophone data for active long-distance leak detection and can track and locate from above-ground with its high-powered sonde. Used in conjunction with APD's soˆ ware, the Amplus crawler operates in pressures up to 10 bar. It can survey concrete, asbestos cement and plastic pipes visually and for leakage and additionally carry out non-destructive testing (NDT) condition assessment on all metallic pipes. APD's LDS 1000™ pipe inspection system for live insertion and inspection of potable water pipelines has already been deployed in at least 12 diŒ erent countries on over 1,000km of pipe infrasatructure. It is ideally suited for long-distance leak detection in pipes of up to 1,000m in length. The sensor-head combines live-feed CCTV, real-time hydrophone data-capture and includes a high-powered sonde, enabling pinpointing areas of interest as well as long-distance line-tracing. The system is suitable for under-pressure inspection and leak detection of larger pipes of 300mm-diameter and above. LDS 1000 can access pipes through valves as small as 50mm internal diameter and operate in pressures of up to 10 bar; it can be used in GPS tracking and plotting applications. PIPES & DRAINAGE 2018 Advanced crawler system launched in 2018 Contact: Aquam Corporation, 20 Bailey Lane, Manchester Airport, Manchester. M90 4AN Tel: 0844 543 3540 E: info@aquamcorp.co.uk Web: www.aquamcorp.co.uk C M Y CM MY CY CMY K AQM262 advert aw OL with bleed.pdf 1 14/02/2018 11:54 PIPES & DRAINAGE 2018 7 By embracing innovation and modern methods of construc- tion and the industry's demand for fast, efficient, modular systems, Marshalls CPM is well placed at offering precast concrete solutions that can be used to reduce construction time and promote sustainability as well as offering cost savings that are designed, engineered and manufactured off-site under factory conditions at one of their two UK manufac- turing works. For instance, take their Perfect Manhole System, with a 120 year design life, that they introduced into the UK in October 2009 which is packed with benefits that satisfies designers, contrac- tors and operators alike. The use of integrally-cast high performance seals maintain water tightness and an integrity of joints in a system that has proven to decrease installation time dramatically and improve safety of site with no wet trades or confined space working and no requirement to form a concrete surround. Traditional manhole construction has required the base to be formed in-situ with the building of the channel, connections and benching occurring in the trench, oˆen in wet and unpleasant conditions. This process can take around 40 hours per manhole and is not always successful. By contrast, the Perfect Manhole design comprises of a precast concrete monolithic base unit, complete with channel and benching with bespoke combinations of inlet(s) and outlet(s) and a design of chamber ring with watertight, flexible joints and no liˆing holes, removing points of possible leakage. Both base units and chamber rings are made with thicker, stronger walls. The robust design means that the requirement for a concrete surround is eliminated, unless specifically required. The excavation is backfilled sooner and there is less need for men to work in confined spaces. This reduces time spent in the excavation, further improving site safety and reducing installation costs. Installation of the whole system is speedy and efficient, and follow-up opera- tions can start immediately. Contact: Marshalls CPM, Mells Road, Mells, Somerset. BA11 3PD Tel: Louise Chouhan-Hodges 01902 356220 Email: louise.chouhan-hodges@cpm-group.com PIPES & DRAINAGE 2018 The Perfect Manhole System where everything flows…… The Perfect Manhole System .....everything flows! T: 01179 814500 F: 01179 814511 E: perfect@cpm-group.com www.cpm-group.com www.perfect-system.co.uk Concrete for Life Manufactured and tested to BSEN 1917:2002 and BS5911-3:2002 With over 20,000 CPM perfect bases now supplied to the construction industry are you being left behind in manhole assembly? Proven to deliver faster installation with perfect hydraulics, the CPM Perfect Manhole has no requirement for a concrete surround and is available pre-benched within days of requisition or as a plain base. Designed and manufactured from high quality durable concrete with a minimum 120 year design life the Perfect Manhole is the talk of the industry. Perfect Watertight Joint Perfect Base Perfect Hydraulics Build Faster Build Leaner Build Greener Build Quality Build Smarter Build to Last The Perfect Manhole System Delivers up to 40% savings on GHG emissions compared with traditional build. The Perfect Manhole take off tool is available from our website

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