Water. desalination + reuse

May/June 2012

Water. Desalination + reuse

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BUSINESS CONTRACT&TENDERNEWS RFQ issued for Huntington Beach Engineering firms have been invited to qualify to serve as the Owner's Engineer for the Huntington Beach Seawater Desalination Project in California, USA. Poseidon Resources (Surfside) LLC, developer and owner of the project, announced on 11 April 2012 a request for qualification intended to encourage the formation of multi-disciplinary teams capable of performing a variety of engineering support services. The 50 MGD (189,000 m3 approximately 12 acres (4.8 ha) located adjacent to the AES Corporation's Huntington Beach Generating Station. The project is in the final phase of the permitting process and has secured local and state permits and approvals including a certified California Environmental Quality Act report and an approved National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit. Poseidon has applied for a Coastal Development Permit from the California Coastal Commission and expects the commission to consider approval of the permit later this year. This is the final permit necessary to commence project construction, anticipated for second half 2013. Phase 1 of the work is focused on development of new contract, bid and scope documents for the project's engineer-procure- construct (EPC) contractor selection process and the EPC process. The six-month phase will result in a fourth quarter 2012 issuance of the Request for Proposals from qualified EPC teams. Based on an evaluation of the statement of qualification, firms /d) project is to be built on were due to be shortlisted and interviewed during the week of 23-27 May 2012. A final selection is expected to be made prior to 1 June 2012. Pentair X-Flow UF pretreatment chosen for Ashdod desalination The giant Ashdod seawater reverse-osmosis desalination (SWRO) plant under construction in Israel is to have ultrafiltration (UF) pretreatment supplied by Pentair X-Flow. Pentair X-Flow has signed an agreement with IVM Minrav Sadyt to supply Seaguard UF membranes and skids to the plant which will have a UF permeate capacity of 930,000 m3 The SWRO plant will supply 100 million m3 /d. water and will be one of the largest SWRO plants with UF pretreatment worldwide. It will be the first potable water plant built under the government's emergency plan for water economy in Israel. Pentair X-Flow's Seaguard membranes were selected to provide /year of desalinated optimum pretreatment for the RO membranes. Moreover, when compared with single-stage media filtration during the design phase of the Ashdod plant, Pentair X-Flow's inline UF membranes were the preferred option for both capital and operational expenditure. The IVM consortium, comprising Israel's Minrav Holding Ltd and Spain's SADYT, won the international tender from Mekorot Development and Enterprise Ltd to design, build, commission, and then operate the Ashdod plant for two years. The plant is scheduled to be in full production by December 2013. | 6 | Desalination & Water Reuse | May-June 2012 Near-shore naval desalination units to be developed Alion Science and Technology of Virginia, USA, announced on 24 April 2012 that it had been awarded a US$ 5 million contract to develop an advanced, energy- efficient shipboard desalination system for the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Alion will develop plants that include advanced microfiltration, but with lower power, volume and weight than current systems. Two systems will be designed: ≤ 4,000 GPD (15,140 L/d), and ≤100,000 GPD (378,500 L/d). While existing systems can operate effectively more than 99% of the time in the open ocean, their uptime drops to as low as 50% in littoral and near-shore environments, according to ONR. They are simply not designed to deal with the volume and types of biological and chemical particulates found along coastlines. Alion will develop and integrate new technologies to bring system availability to 95% in the littorals while also reducing maintenance needs. MECO wins US Navy desalination contracts Louisiana-based MECO has been awarded the design and development of advanced shipboard desalination units for the US Navy under contracts with the Office of Naval Research. MECO will develop systems rated at 4,000 and 100,000 GPD (15 m3 378.5 m3 advancements in technology and function within the constraints of naval ships. The program will span three years with the first six months spent in design followed by development of demonstration prototypes. Objectives of the program include minimizing volume, mass and manning while improving reliability. /d) designed to take advantage of /d and

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