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NETWORK / 26 / DECEMBER 2016/JANUARY 2017 THE UK'S FIRST AND ONLY DEDICATED MAGAZINE TO THE UK'S GAS, POWER AND HEAT NET WORKS. Be the first to hear about pioneering innovations and game-changing technologies. Apply for your free annual subscription of Network magazine at and help us realise the future. WE ARE OFFERING A YEAR'S FREE SUBSCRIPTION OF THE PRINT MAGAZINE TO A LIMITED NUMBER OF QUALIFYING READERS. DON'T MISS OUT R E A L I S I N G T H E F U T U R E R E A L I S I N G T H E F U T U R E N E T W O R K I N N O V A T I O N WE PARTNER WITH ENERGY NETWORKS TO DELIVER FIELD-READY INNOVATION PROJECTS. ULC Robo cs has a solid track record of successfully developing and deploying complex robo c systems and inspec on systems for remote assessment and repair of hard-to-access infrastructure. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ULC Robo cs provides product and service development, and engineering services to gas, power and heat networks in the UK and US which reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve safety. Ready to talk to our team about your next innova on project? Call ULC Robo cs at +1-631-667-9200 or visit www.ulcrobo ROBOTIC SYSTEMS INSPECTION DEVICES UAV TECHNOLOGY PROCESS DESIGN N E T W O R K I N N O V A T I O N THE CIRRIS XI ™ INSPECTION ROBOT BEGINS COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS ON SGN'S GAS NETWORK A er comple on of the NIC-funded project, sensor outputs are now genera ng never-before-seen data on the condi on of cri cal assets and improving the way SGN makes pipe rehabilita on decisions. The CIRRIS XI ™ , CIRRIS XR ™ and CISBOT Robots enter pressurized large diameter cast iron gas mains to assess the pipe wall and carry out internal repairs to the leak prone joints while delivering benefits to UK gas customers. Contact us to learn more. Call us at +1-631-667-9200 or visit www.ulcrobo IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ELIMINATE CUSTOMER INTERRUPTIONS MINIMISE AFFECT ON COMMUNITIES REDUCE TRAFFIC DELAYS PIPELINE ROBOTICS

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