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"Hydrogen could provide a long term sustainable solution to decarbonisation of heat in the UK." Dan Sadler, head of energy futures, The Conversation THE C ONVERSATION 06 Catch it, keep it: The potential whole system benefi ts and costs of CCS are beginning to become clear. Network explores its scope for decarbonising gas and heat. 15 Skills strategy: Why the UK needs a whole utilities sector skills strategy. OCTOBER ISSUE 06/2016 THE FUTURE 34 Technology focus: How are the energy storage technologies of tomorrow shaping up? Network looks at fl ywheels, lithium- air and fl ow batteries. • How second life batteries are likely to infl uence the market from 2020. • Analysing the commercial viability of the enhanced frequency contracts awarded by National Grid. • Why Navigant thinks DNOs hold the key to optimising storage. THE APPLICATION 18 Beneath the Buzz: The NIC may grab the limelight, but the NIA is full of exciting projects too. Network delves into the fi les to bring a round-up of activity from the last few months. 22 Low voltage: Project focus on learnings from the New Thames Valley Vision. 26 Asset management: A round-up of discussion at Network's inaugural conference on asset management. 32 Transparency: How the Heat Trust is clearing the fog for heat customers over pricing. NETWORK / 4 / OCTOBER 2016 THE C ONVERSATION "Hydrogen could "Hydrogen could term sustainable decarbonisation 06 THE CONVERSATION: CAPTURING CARBON What is the best use of carbon capture and storage in the energy system? 16 THE APPLICATION: NECESSITY: THE MOTHER OF INVENTION How are network operators innovating to meet the challenges of tomorrow? 34 THE FUTURE: FASTER, STRONGER, LONGER Energy storage technologies have largely yet to hit market, but the second generation is already being developed

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