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"The Ukrainian attack, had it been envisaged in advance, would probably have been dismissed as so unlikely to happen it could be ignored." Andrew Wadsworth in The Conversation THE C ONVERSATION 06 Cyber security: Energy networks must defend themselves from a new enemy; cyber attack. Network discusses the challenges they face. Including: New standards framework from ENA/smart metering/lessons for ukraine and the USA. 14 In or out: Lord Bourne sets out why the UK should vote to remain in the UK, and industry leaders express their views. JUNE ISSUE 03/2016 THE FUTURE 28 Decarbonising heat: There is no silver bullet to the problem of heat, but together electrifi cation, heat networks and repurposing gas networks should have it covered. Including: Keith MacLean of Imperial College describes his research/ Proposals to help heat networks attract institutional investment. 35 Future cities: Network explores three cities shaping our future: Manchester, London and Bristol. THE APPLICATION 16 Innovation pitch: At Utility Week Live SMEs pitched groundbreaking innovations that have the potential to transform network operations. Lucinda Dann rounds-up some of the best. 20 Technology focus: Network charts notable events in the energy storage market. 24 Pin it down: Guru Systems explains how data is key to heat network performance and market growth. NETWORK / 4 / JUNE 2016 06 THE CONVERSATION: BUILDING A DIGITAL FORTRESS Energy networks must be vigilant against the growing threat of cyber crime 16 THE APPLICATION: BRIGHT SPARKS Up and coming products and technologies 28 THE FUTURE: HOT HOT HOT The three solutions to decarbonising heat: repurpose gas networks, electrify, and build district heating decarbonising heat: repurpose gas networks, electrify, and build gas networks, electrify, and build district heating THE FUTURE

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