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insights and show news visit utilityweeklive.co.uk SKILLS CONTENT STREAM: insights and show news visit utilityweeklive.co.uk TOTEX CONTENT STREAM: insights and show news visit utilityweeklive.co.uk CUSTOMERS CONTENT STREAM: GE ZeeWeed 1000 membrane GE's ZeeWeed is an advanced filtration technology that separates particles, bacteria and viruses from water or wastewater. Used by nearly 1,000 plants worldwide, its ability to handle high large volumes of water in a small footprint, combined with its high efficiency and low energy and chemical usage, makes it ideal for treating raw water sources and producing drinking quality water for cities and highly populated areas. The ZeeWeed 1000 is a popular module used in municipal treatment plants, as is the ZeeWeed 500d Cembrane SiC Cembrane silicon carbide (SiC) is a new generation ceramic flat sheet membrane that offers high flux, low fouling, oil resistance, long life and tolerance to pH and temperature extremes. Its chemically inert make-up means it is suitable for the most challenging applications, and its compact design fits small spaces. Although the initial CAPEX for ceramic membranes is higher than polymeric, the manufacturers say that savings in membrane replacement costs, energy, chemical cost and maintenance more than compensate for this. Eaton mechanically cleaned filters Eaton's range of automatic self-cleaning filters dramatically reduces product loss, requires minimal operator intervention and improves flow consistency. The Mechanically Cleaned Filters (MCF) feature the fastest cleaning action of the mechanically cleaned family. The Mechanically Cleaned Filter DCF-series operates at a consistently low differential pressure and delivers simple, reliable operation in which a low initial investment is a key driving factor. www.wwtonline.co.uk | WWT | MAY 2016 | 31 PRODUCT OF THE MONTH OTHER TOP PiCks FOR FiLTRATiON Next month: safety equipment THE DETAiLs... Products VPMF Variable Pore Structure Micro Filter ● Filters from 0.2µ to 25µ ● Laminated microfibres with high performance backwashing – water, wastewater and industrial applications ● Six models with flow rates ranging from 0.9 m 3 /hr to 224 m 3 /hr What it is: Made by Global Enfiltec and supplied in the UK by Gurney Environmental, VPMF (Variable Pore Micro Filter) is a unique micro-filter which is structured to achieve superior backwashing. Rather than having a fixed pore structure that is easily fouled, the VPMF's laminated microfibres compress to form a temporary filter structure each time it is used. A er filtering, the layers separate again via water and air pressure, vigorously shaking the fibres to rid them of contaminants . Who it's for: The VPMF comes in six models for applications ranging from drinking water to wastewater and industrial wastewater. It can replace a clarifier/sand filter in a treatment process, provide advanced treatment of sewage or provide pre- treatment for industrial liquid wastes. What's new: Because of its improved backwashing, the VPMF boasts reduced maintenance compared to conventional media filtering systems, reduced energy use and water in backwashing. It has an extended life expectancy, helping to fulfil TOTEX goals, while its modular design means less floor space is required and it can be easily expanded in capacity . Focus on…filtration

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