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Utility Week 12 12 2014

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UtilityWeek Interview: Alan Sutherland, CEO, Wics p8 WE lOOk bACk OvEr 25 yEArS Of WAtEr prIvAtISAtIOn p14 12th - 18th December 2014 tHE bUSInESS Of UtIlItIES WHAt dOES 2015 HOld In StOrE fOr UtIlItIES? p20 UtilityWeek Interview: Greg Barker, Climate Change Minister p8 WIll auCtIons under eMr help or hInder the reneWaBles seCtor? p14 10th - 16th January 2014 the BusIness oF utIlItIes the perfect storm oFWat Is FIGhtInG For CustoMers, But the prICe revIeW Is spookInG the CIty p19 UtilityWeek Interview: Roger Darlington, SEW CCG chair p8 WaS HInklEy a GooD DEal foR taxpayERS, of juSt foR EDf EnERGy? p17 17th - 23rd January 2014 tHE BuSInESS of utIlItIES Powering down CuStomER SERvICE In tHE EnERGy B2B maRkEt muSt BE ImpRovED p27 UtilityWeek Interview: Steve Johnson, CEO, Electricity North West p8 ExCluSIvE rESEarCh lOOkINg at hOW NEtWOrk fIrmS arE COpINg WIth rIIO p12 24th - 30th January 2014 thE BuSINESS Of utIlItIES DnOs in the hot seat thE WatEr SECtOr'S lEakagE fIgurES arE IN – ShOuld WE BE WOrrIEd? p24 UtilityWeek Interview: Chris Jones, CEO, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water p8 Can small prOJECts DEmOnstratE tO thE publIC that shalE gas Is safE? p16 31st January - 6th February 2014 thE busInEss Of utIlItIEs Ofwat walks the line Why nEW bIOmass plant Is Just tOO rIsky fOr mOst InvEstOrs p20 UtilityWeek Interview: Laura Sandys MP, a Tory green champion p8 IS IT TIMe The uk caMe uP wITh a new PLan for The carbon fLoor PrIce? p14 7th - 13th February 2014 The buSIneSS of uTILITIeS Cold storage The Long and wIndIng road To conTracTS for dIfference p17 UtilityWeek Interview: Heidi Mottram, CEO, Northumbrian Water p8 ONE MaN's drEaM turNEd INtO a NIgHtMarE WItH tHE ECOIslaNd prOjECt p12 14th - 20th February 2014 tHE BusINEss OF utIlItIEs Can't keep a lid on it tHE dEvIl Is IN tHE dEtaIl WHEN COMparINg EurOpEaN ENErgy prICEs p19 UtilityWeek Interview: Tim Yeo MP, chair of the ECCC p10 WhaT PolITICal unCErTaInTY MEans for InvEsTors In nETWorks p20 21st - 27th February 2014 ThE BusInEss of uTIlITIEs Davey: knocking energy into shape WIll ThE sMarT METEr rollouT havE To BE PosTPonEd agaIn? p24 UtilityWeek Interview: Nina Skorupska, CEO, REA p8 IS utIlIty AddRESSINg dAtA gOOd ENOugh tO SuppORt thE SmARt mEtER ROllOut? p11 28th February - 6th March 2014 thE BuSINESS OF utIlItIES revenge of the birds hOw ENERgy FIRmS CAN REAlly mAkE A dIFFERENCE ON ENERgy EFFICIENCy p20 UtilityWeek Interview: Dan Rogerson, water minister p8 As moRe plAnt comes offlIne, whAt Is goIng to fIll the gAp? p14 7th-13th March 2014 the BUsIness of UtIlItIes the pRospects foR UtIlIty meRgeRs AnD AcqUIsItIons In 2014 p20 UtilityWeek Interview: Richard Bienfait, CEO, Affinity Water p8 eneRgy supplIeRs Will hAvE tO suffEr undEr thE COmplExity Of Emr p14 14th - 20th March 2014 thE BusinEss Of utilitiEs and they're off! is it timE WE lOOkEd AgAin At thE rOlE gAs hAs tO plAy in pOWEr gEnErAtiOn? p20 UtilityWeek Interview: Sacha Deshmukh, CEO, Central Delivery Body p8 antI-CartEl lEgISlatIOn IS aBOut tO gEt muCh tOughEr p16 21st - 27th March 2014 thE BuSInESS OF utIlItIES Energy gets smart can the big six survive? thE COStS OF SuStaInaBIlIty arE StartIng tO hIt hOmE On BIllS p27 UtilityWeek Budget: cap on the carbon price is a balancing act p10 Ofwat chief executive cathryn rOss On 25 years Of privatisatiOn p6 28th March - 3rd april 2014 the Business Of utiLities investors overboard? freeze On carBOn price suppOrt cOuLd keep cOaL in the game p7 UtilityWeek Special report: how customer centric are you? p8 Water competition Will Work only if the governance iS Sorted out firSt p14 11th - 17th April 2014 the BuSineSS of utilitieS Keeping the lights on… netWork companieS muSt act more quickly to reSolve outageS p26 UtilityWeek Interview: Tom Greatrex, shadow energy minister p8 The IpCC's laTesT assessmenT of The fIGhT aGaInsT ClImaTe ChanGe p15 18th - 24th April 2014 The BUsIness of UTIlITIes home heat goes green flaTs wIll have To have waTer meTers If amBITIoUs TarGeTs are To Be meT p25 UtilityWeek Interview: Martin Cave, deputy panel chair, CMA p8 New oblIgAtIoNs to treAt CustoMers fAIrly wIll test the eNergy seCtor p27 2nd - 8th May 2014 the busINess of utIlItIes drax falls back to earth ChANgINg the lAw oN trespAss wIll opeN the wAy for shAle gAs explorAtIoN p16 UtilityWeek Interview: Mark Bayley, CEO, Green Deal Finance Co p8 EMR COulD Fall FOul OF tIGhtER EuROpEan COMMIssIOn RulEs On statE aID p14 9th - 15th May 2014 thE BusInEss OF utIlItIEs Water bills chopped Gas pRICEs MutED DEspItE thE RussIa-ukRaInE stanDOFF p24 UtilityWeek Interview: Graham Keegan, COO, Eight2O p8 ElECtrICIty nEtwOrKs stIll faIlInG On COmpEtItIOn p23 16th - 22nd May 2014 tHE BUsInEss Of UtIlItIEs fEwEr CUstOmErs tHInK watEr BIlls arE GOOd valUE fOr mOnEy p25 'Clear the way for shale' UtilityWeek Interview: David Clarke, chief executive, ETI p8 Was ThE WaTEr bIll WorTh ThE WaIT, or WIll IT provE WorsE Than noThIng? p15 23rd - 29th May 2014 ThE bUsInEss oF UTIlITIEs MIghT ThE bIg InTEgraTED EnErgy FIrMs bE bETTEr oFF qUITTIng rETaIl? p20 Suppliers back in the stocks UtilityWeek Interview: Richard Lloyd, executive director, Which? p8 WILL EMR havE Much EffEct on ELEctRIcIty MaRkEt LIquIdIty? p12 6th - 12th June 2014 thE BuSInESS of utILItIES WatER coMpanIES contInuE to attRact ovERSEaS IntERESt dESpItE pR14 p20 Digging in to face the CMA UtilityWeek Interview: Chris Loughlin, chief executive, SWW p8 hoW beComIng a LICenCe LIte SuppLIer WILL heLp London taCkLe emISSIonS p19 13th - 19th June 2014 the buSIneSS oF utILItIeS the best laid plans… CentrICa'S purChaSe oF bord gaIS energy IS the rIght deaL at the rIght prICe p21 UtilityWeek cONTRAcTS: HOW TO AVOID bIOmASS DISpuTeS p17 20th - 26th June 2014 THe buSINeSS OF uTILITIeS Good intentions OFWAT SeeKS THe RIgHT RISK/ReWARD bALANce p20 Interview: Volker beckers, chairman, Albion community power p8 UtilityWeek Interview: Sarah Venning, chief executive, NI Water p8 ChaNgINg the goldeN rule to try to breathe lIfe INto the greeN deal p15 27th June - 3rd July 2014 the buSINeSS of utIlItIeS the CoSt of lINkINg WholeSale eNergy prICeS to domeStIC tarIffS p28 Where are all the women? UtilityWeek Interview: Peter Matthews, chair, Natural Resources Wales p8 OfgeM fINally uNleashes the CMa ON eNeRgy suPPlIeRs p15 4th - 10th July 2014 the BusINess Of utIlItIes Gone with the wind PRedICtINg WateR deMaNd Is all aBOut kNOWINg the WeatheR p24 UtilityWeek Expert view: decision time on water competition p7 ThamEs waTEr musT pay for a largE chunk of ThE TidEway TunnEl p20 11th - 17th July 2014 ThE BusinEss of uTiliTiEs wEssEx waTEr's £225 million waTEr supErgrid BrEaks nEw ground p24 Solar gets too hot to handle UtilityWeek Interview: ECCC member Peter Lilley MP p8 Why EMr nEEds to bE ChangEd to gEt MorE PuMPEd storagE on thE grId p14 18th - 24th July 2014 thE busInEss oF utILItIEs Separate lives thE sMart hoME Can bE at thE CEntrE oF thE IntErnEt oF thIngs p24 UtilityWeek FTSE-100 utilities are no longer boring investments p22 conTracTS For diFFErEncE: Fids, Funding and FEEdback p4-5 1st - 7th August 2014 THE buSinESS oF uTiLiTiES scotland decides WaTEr abSTracTion rEForm WouLd bE a gamE-cHangEr For poWEr producErS p7 UtilityWeek Interview: Roger Darlington, SEW CCG chair p8 FIRSt SalvoES FIRED aS CMa kICkS-oFF InquIRy Into EnERGy MaRkEt p15 29th August - 4th september 2014 tHE BuSInESS oF utIlItIES Can Dnos Cut £14Bn FRoM tHEIR BuSInESS planS aS oFGEM DEManDS? p21 get real on abstraction UtilityWeek Interview: Bob Gallienne, chief executive, NJUG p8 POLITICAL MEDDLING LEAVES OFGEM SEARCHING FOR A ROLE p14 5TH - 11TH SEPTEMBER 2014 THE BUSINESS OF UTILITIES ARE CUSTOMERS RIGHT TO WORRY ABOUT SMART METER SECURITY? p26 Ofwat raises the stakes UtilityWeek Interview: Ian Peters, MD, British Gas p8 usInG totex Means asset oPtIMIsatIon rather than asset creatIon p16 12th - 18th September 2014 the BusIness oF utILItIes GazProM has huGe Gas reserves But Few FrIenDs In euroPe p20 back to school on skills UtilityWeek Interview: Neil Robertson, CEO, Energy & Utility Skills p8 OfgEm ChaIR DavID gRay aNSwERS thE REgUlatOR'S CRItICS p13 26th september - 2nd october 2014 thE BUSINESS Of UtIlItIES one year later… why thERE IS StIll a pROfUSION Of ENERgy taRIffS DESpItE 'SImplIfICatION' p17 UtilityWeek Interview: peer and Decc minister Baroness Verma p8 LaBour aDDs water companIes to Its post-eLectIon hIt LIst p15 3rd - 9th OctOber 2014 the BusIness oF utILItIes energy companIes must gIVe customers a reason to Be LoyaL p27 UtilityWeek Interview: Basil Scarsella, chief executive, UKPN p8 LIB demS cLoSe the coNfereNce SeaSoN wIth a daSh for the mIddLe groUNd p14 10th - 16th OctOber 2014 the BUSINeSS of UtILItIeS dyNamIc reSPoNSe caN maKe a vIrtUaL Power PLaNt oUt of dISParate devIceS p24 balancing the carbon budget UtilityWeek Research: RIIO and network transformation p8 affInIty wateR Is well RegaRded by Ofwat and well set fOR the futuRe p18 17th - 23rd OctOber 2014 the busIness Of utIlItIes smaRt meteRIng Is In dangeR Of becOmIng a pR dIsasteR fOR the eneRgy sectOR p27 Nuclear spring UtilityWeek Interview: Martin Baggs, CEO, Thames Water p8 WIll ThE TradITIOnal uTIlITy MOdEl survIvE sMarT METErIng? p12 24th - 30th OctOber 2014 ThE BusInEss OF uTIlITIEs rise of the machines ThE IMplICaTIOns FOr EdF OF EurOpE's apprOval OF hInklEy pOInT C suBsIdIEs p20 UtilityWeek Interview: Dan Rogerson MP, water minister, Defra p8 Has owen PateRson's bRoaDsIDe agaInst Renewables HIt HoMe? p20 31st OctOber - 6th NOvember 2014 tHe bUsIness oF UtIlItIes tHe tecHnologIes DePloyeD acRoss eURoPe to enable sMaRt gRIDs p24 Who's afraid of climate change? UtilityWeek Interview: EMR architect Jonathan Brearley p8 PRIncIPlEs-BasEd REgulatIon: fInE In thEoRy, fRaught In PRactIcE p16 7th - 13th November 2014 thE BusInEss of utIlItIEs A rosy Winter outlook? thaMEs tIdEway tunnEl Runs Into two lEgal challEngEs p24 UtilityWeek Interview: Lord Redesdale, chief executive, EMA p8 Who WILL bE thE nExt EnERgy sEcREtARy WhEn DAvEy goEs? p16 14th - 20th November 2014 thE bUsInEss oF UtILItIEs home, sweet home czEch UtILIty EPh MAkEs An EntRAncE WIth thE PURchAsE oF EggboRoUgh p21 UtilityWeek Interview: Guus Weiss, head of retail, GDF Suez Energy p8 ThE hunT For A DEEp STorAGE FAcIlITy For hIGh lEvEl nuclEAr WASTE p17 21st - 27th November 2014 ThE BuSInESS oF uTIlITIES Puzzling out competition uTIlITIES ArE A mAjor DrIvEr oF uK InFrASTrucTurE InvESTmEnT p20 UtilityWeek Interview: Cathryn Ross, chief executive, Ofwat p8 EnERgy COmpany fInanCIal REsults REvEal thE tOll Of a mIld wIntER p20 28th November - 4th December 2014 thE BusInEss Of utIlItIEs Jump starting storage IEa OutlOOk fOR glOBal EnERgy tO 2040 Is glOOmy On gas and nuClEaR p22 UtilityWeek Interview: Jeni Colbourne, MBE, chief Inspector, DWI p8 What thE ElECtrIfICatIon of hEat MEans for thE UK EnErgy sECtor p18 5th - 11th December 2014 thE BUsInEss of UtIlItIEs thE BEnEfIts of BrIngIng sMart tEChnology to WatEr nEtWorKs p24 Slim pickings for DNOs the year that was

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