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It is often said that the biggest barrier to change comes from within ourselves, and how we look at the world: that genuine transformation can only really occur, if we go within ourselves and challenge how we see things, our worldview. This can mean changing our story. This insight might also resonate with us in the sustainable business movement, at this time. Perhaps our biggest problem, in the push towards genuine business sustainability, is how we frame the challenge and how this might align, or not, with our story of business itself. What we really need is the biggest overhaul in business thinking, ever – a new, holistic story of sustainable business success – not based on minor tweaks or incremental changes, but a new paradigm; one that integrates sustainability principles at its very core. This will mean a complete re-design of business, to meet the challenges of our time, and to ensure shared and sustainable prosperity. Sustainable Business Business models 1/8 Sustainable business? Time to change our story… We talk about sustainability becoming embedded in everything we do, as part of our corporate DNA. It is certainly true that sustainability has come a long way over the past decade – and with each step, we're getting closer to the heart of business, but we're not there yet. Michael Townsend asks, is it time to change our story?

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