Water. desalination + reuse

August/September 2013

Water. Desalination + reuse

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4 EDITOR'S CORNER 6 BUSINESS Contracts & Tenders 12 CORPORATE CHANGES 16 PEOPLE 18 PROJECTS 21 Direct membrane filtration simplifies reuse process 26 PROJECT PROGRESS New technique from Pentair X-Flow cuts stages in Pillbara reuse project. TECHNOLOGY Recycling Flowback and Produced Water in TightOil Development Canadian consultant Roberta Wasylishen reveals results of a recent study 32 Hot Standby Operation – Gold Coast Desalination Plant 40 RESEARCH How to mothball a project – but have it ready for instant action Developing membrane distillation for use on desalination brines Samer Adham outlines work in Qatar to reuse brines from thermal distillationt 36 SHOWCASE New products and services entering the market 56 Conference preview 44 IWA Water Reuse Conference in Namibia Research News 46 IDA WORLD CONGRESS PREVIEW A look ahead to the industry's premier event to be held in Tianjin, Chinat 58 54 Contents IDA & AFFILIATES The latest news and events from the IDA and its partner associations around the world CONFERENCES & MEETINGS Conferences, exhibitions and courses around the world 60 IDA/AMTA affiliates list and Subscription information.

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