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NETWORK / 38 / FEBRUARY 2020 T his is a critical time for UK renewable energy and oppor- tunity abounds as decar- bonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation are driving significant change across the electricity network. The Com - mittee on Climate Change envisages that the UK can decarbonise up to 95% of power generation through the continued rollout of low-carbon generation, using the policy instruments and principles set up under the UK's Electricity Market Reform programme. However, a big open question as we pro- gress towards net-zero is, how much energy storage will be required to ensure that we have a secure, stable, flexible and decarbon- ised energy sector? The Net-Zero Report produced by the Committee on Climate Change suggests getting to over 80% wind and solar power is likely to require a ten-fold expansion, from 3GW of storage today to over 30GW in the coming decades. National Grid's Future ENERGY STORAGE What's the future for UK energy storage? As the UK continues its transition to net-zero by 2050, what role can energy storage play in decarbonising the energy sector? Vijay Shinde, chief technical officer at Harmony Energy, examines the possibilities

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