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NETWORK / 32 / DECEMBER 2019 / JANUARY 2020 Visit Worcester, home of the hydrogen boiler Martyn Bridges, director of technical communication and product management at boiler manufacturer Worcester Bosch, says that he doesn't need a crystal ball to discern the future of domestic heat – in the company's labs, prototype hydrogen boilers are up and running W ith climate change becom- ing such a huge topic of interest, and new net- zero goals being enforced by the government, discussion on how to reduce carbon emissions in homes has never been so rife. Around 20 years ago most people weren't that concerned with how they heated their homes as long as it was warm. Natural gas was plentiful, as was oil. There was no indication of any other method taking first place in homes. In the last 10 years, par - ticularly the last two years, the topic of climate change has been brought to the masses. Every country in the world has woken up and realised that we really need to lower our carbon emissions. As more efficiency and low-carbon regulations are put into place, we must begin to consider how we will continue to heat our homes in the future. Around 18% of carbon emis - DOMESTIC HEATING sions in the UK come from home heating, making the heating industry a focus for change. It's widely agreed in society that we would all like to, and need to, see carbon emissions reduced. There is pressure on the heating industry to "clean up" as it were, and quite rightly so. Everyone is talking about

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