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PSS Hire data cap- ture technology PSS HIRE's data capture technology allows for the accurate capture and reporting of the whole pipeline commissioning process, including surveying, swabbing, pressure testing, chlorinating, de-chlorinating and sampling. Compliant with IGN 4-01-03, the range uses Tibiis Bluetooth data loggers in conjunction with the Piped App to provide live alerts to supervisors and in- stant, automated test results on site and online. To reduce leakages and improve water quality, the equipment also boasts a reporting feature for in-depth analysis, auto fl ow recording, plus GPS, time and date-stamped data records. OTHER TOP PICKS FOR PUMPS AND BLOWERS Next month: Pumps and pumping systems THE DETAILS SDS Aqua-Xchange ● SuDS material for tackling metals pollution from highways ● uses processes of adsorption and ionic exchange to form unbreakable bonds with heavy metals ● suitable for motorways, trunk roads and other high-traffi c areas as well as in SuDS What is it? SDS Aqua-Xchange is a new sustainable drainage material that off ers a simple and versatile solution to removing copper and zinc in surface water runoff . A layer of SDS Aqua- Xchange can be added as an additional component to a linear fi lter drain. As well as being used on roads, it can be added as a component in regulatory-compliant SuDS. What's good about it? It is a fl exible granular treatment media and has been proven in independent testing to achieve 99 per cent removal of dissolved copper and zinc. What do they say? "Toxic metals carried in surface water runoff from roads and other heavy-traffi c locations threaten the health of our rivers and streams through persistent and bio-accumulative pollution," SDS' Jo Bradley said. "Incapable of being broken down biologically, they become attached to silts and sediments and dissolve in the runoff . Not only has SDS Aqua- Xchange been proven to remove and capture 99 per cent of the copper and zinc but also to retain these metals even when applications of road salt were simulated." The Knowledge Products: Pipes and drainage Brandenburger Liner BB1.0 This UV-cured liner sys- tem for trenchless sewer rehabilitation was developed for smaller diameter pipes and covers diameters from DN150 to DN300. Stocked and distributed in the UK by Source One Environmental, the pre-impregnated liners are cured by use of a UV light train travelling through the pipe a er installation and display no shrinkage following curing. The Brandenburger Liner BB1.0 recently gained inde- pendent, WRc approval, valid for fi ve years from July 2019. In 2018 alone, nearly 1.5 million feet of Brandenburger CIPP liner was produced and successfully installed around the world. Picote Mini Cleaner Picote Solutions has launched the Mini Cleaner high-speed pipeline cleaning system onto the drainage market. Aimed at the domes- tic drainage and plumbing market in particular, the Picote Mini Cleaner is the company's fi rst machine specifi cally designed for cleaning operations in the DN32 to DN70 range. With typical waste pipes in the UK being as small as 32mm diameter, this machine off ers the ideal solution for pipeline cleaning. Designed for high-speed descaling of pipes and blockage removal, the Mini Cleaner also has the fl exibility to handle multiple 90-degree bends even in the smaller diameter pipes. PRODUCT OF THE MONTH www.wwtonline.co.uk | WWT | OCTOBER 2019 | 33

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