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Eligibility criteria Heat Networks Investment Project This will be delivered through projects which are investable, strategic and future-proofed. Large scale commercial investment is critical to the development of this market and this will be a major area of focus for the Delivery Partner team as we seek to create the right conditions and connections between project sponsors, developers and investors from the UK and around the world who may be able to support them. How do I apply? The two-stage application process first invites applications to submit a pre-application form. Applicants are encouraged to apply for pre- application as early as possible regardless of when they would be seeking to make a full application. Successful pre-applicants will then be invited to submit a full application where their project will be assessed to establish which best demonstrate value for money and contribution to the aims and objectives of the HNIP scheme, ensuring that only the best quality projects receive HNIP funding. Guidance and Support BEIS and Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management have jointly published Application Guidance to help applicants understand the application process from start to finish, including how the scheme will operate, the eligibility criteria, how applications are to be made and how they will be scored and assessed. This resource and other useful information can be accessed online at: Experienced Business Development Management (BDMs) are available to support applicants prior to and during the application stages of the application process. Applicants are actively encouraged to engage with BDMs at the earliest opportunity to derive maximum benefit. To speak to one of our BDMs, please email: What is the Heat Networks Investment Project? The Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) was launched by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to deliver £320m of government support to individual heat network projects across England and Wales. This funding will be delivered over a three-year period, leveraging around £1bn of private and other capital in order to provide much needed scale to this market. What are the benefits of a heat network? Heat networks have been proven around the world to be a reliable, cost-effective and low carbon means of providing heat, yet just 2% of UK buildings are heated in this way. By supplying both heating and cooling to buildings from the same centralised source, they have scope to service the heat requirement of just two buildings or an entire city, avoiding the need for individual boilers or electric heating in every building. Who is Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management? BEIS has appointed Triple Point Heat Network Investment Management to role of Delivery Partner for the Heat Networks Investment Project. We are comprised of a group of professional firms with a demonstrable track record of engaging with investors and supporting project developers to deliver a wide range of infrastructure projects. From the outset we are clear on the need to ensure that projects are well-designed, commercially viable and beneficial for consumers. We are committed to a vision, shared with BEIS, to create a transformed, self-sustaining and trusted market which offers affordable and reliable low carbon heat. Eligibility criteria Photo credits to Vital Energi

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