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Find out more at © S&C Electric Company 2019. All rights reserved. Customers have increasing expectations of their electricity network providers. They are no longer tolerant to outages of any length, and short interruptions of just a few seconds in reality last much longer for the customer. Even small outages can cause the loss of an Internet connection or an interruption to a video stream for several minutes or more. To a business, much larger losses can occur from even a single outage, including lost production or sales. Given the high and increasing volumes of distributed generation in the UK, additional reliability needs arise. Even short interruptions of a few seconds can knock this generation offline and cause further system stability issues. The importance of reliability and reducing short interruptions will continue to grow in this rapidly changing environment. Keep planning for the grid of tomorrow by improving your reliability today with S&C. INCREASING DEPENDENCY ON ELECTRICITY H I G H E R C U S T O M E R EXPECTATIONS GROWTH OF D I S T R I B U T E D E N E R G Y RESOURCES LET'S TAKE RELIABILITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL. TODAY'S CUSTOMERS ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH YESTERDAY'S STANDARDS.

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