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One of the biggest technological developments to impact u li es is the digi sa on of systems and the prolifera on of data across businesses. The UWL survey showed that data analy cs is currently considered as the technology with the biggest impact on the industry. Respondents were asked to rate technologies on a scale of 1 to 10, with data analy cs receiving the highest average score of 7.6. Across all the technologies tested, the average pping point for mass take up is expected to be 2027. For data analy cs, take up is expected to be ahead of the curve in 2023. But many energy fi rms are already taking great strides to streamline their data processes. Casey Cole, managing director at Guru Systems notes that the feedback loop for obtaining system and asset informa on has become much ghter in recent years, and expects the industry to con nue on this trajectory over the next decade. "We used to rely on manual collec on of data from energy systems, some mes in hand-wri en form," recalls Cole. "Now, as u li es are digi sed, data can fl ow from a huge number of sensors on a u lity network into the cloud for machine learning t is impossible to approach the transi on to more resilient and sustainable u lity systems without exploring the technologies and innova ons that are already facilita ng change across businesses. U li es risk falling behind compe tors if the scope of their business plans do not include provision for disrup ve new technologies that are likely to have a long-term impact on energy and water. According to the U lity Week Live (UWL) survey, conducted by Insight Advantage to explore the state of transi on across UK u li es, the current impact of new technologies understandably varies greatly depending on sector. P R E S E N T S IN ASSOCIATION WITH IN ASSOCIATION WITH NETWORK / 41 / MARCH 2019 TECHNOLOGY FOR CHANGE AI? Robo cs? Data analy cs? Which technologies are the most important in facilita ng change in energy and water businesses? In the run up to U lity Week Live on 21-22 May, we present our second report on transi on in the sector. Nadine Buddoo analyses the results of our exclusive survey.

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