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TOTAL TAPCHANGER SOLUTIONS PARTS | SERVICE | MAINTAIN | REPAIR | REFURBISH | UPGRADE LEGACY TAPCHANGER OEM AND SUPPORT AEI: Type L, H13, M21, 2M21, M31, M32, M33, M51, M52, M54, M56, S21, 3S21, S31 British Thompson Houston: ATC Range English Electric: Type FDA, FDB, FDC, FDD, Dial, Drum, Reactor, and Rotary Types GEC: Type J, MD, ME, MF, SD Hackbridge & Hewittic: Type XC033 Metropolitan Vickers: Type LBT, LCT DC3, DS2, DS5, DS300, DS400, DS500 ES3, ES3/19, EC4 FC4, FC6 GC6, GC12 HR6, HR12, HD12, HD14 FL6, FL12 ST and Rotary Tapchangers | 01793 847163 |

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