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NETWORK / 27 / JULY/AUGUST 2018 used in UK homes and industry. Multiple sites across the NGN re- gion were identified, each being suitable for locating a power-to- gas system and/or a hydrogen refuelling station. H21 project NGN has led gas industry research into hydrogen as an en- ergy source and is actively pur- suing its use for heating in the UK through the pioneering H21 project. This work is focused on converting the UK gas network to 100 per cent hydrogen in or - der to drastically reduce carbon emissions from heat. The BEIS/ITM power-to-gas study examined potential de - ployment of large-scale electro- 50 and 100MW, able to supply blended hydrogen to domestic and industrial customers. This installation would consist of a group of 10MW electrolyser modules, each based on rapid response proton-exchange mem - brane water electrolysis. Mark Horsley, CEO of North- ern Gas Networks said: "Power- to-gas technology has the potential to answer some of our key energy storage challenges because of the gas network's sheer size and flexibility. "This study has delivered some compelling results and in - sight into how a whole systems approach and green hydrogen can facilitate decarbonisation across all energy vectors." Whole energy systems InTEGReL, launched by NGN in 2017 in partnership with Northern Powergrid and New- castle University, was opened last year as the UK's first whole energy systems research and demonstration facility. Based at a 15-acre gas site, it seeks to break down traditional barriers between gas, electricity and oil and provide a base for testing and integrating new technolo- gies and approaches. If power-to-gas was carried out in a real-world setting, hy- drogen injected at the InTEGReL site could deliver stored energy in the form of blended low car- bon gas to over 243,000 domes- tic and industrial customers. And its close proximity to the A1 and urban centres of Newcastle and Gateshead would provide opportunity for local export of hydrogen necessary to develop a local hydrogen refuel- ling station network, enabling fuel cell electric vehicles to travel from London to Aberdeen. Recommended next steps for the project are for a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study to examine the build of a large-scale power-to-gas demonstrator at the InTEGReL site. This would be in the size range of 50-100MW and the scope would establish the cost of building, installing and com - missioning the facility. Development of a UK-wide gas network industry strategy is also planned in order to agree wider power-to-gas energy stor - age as a near-term contribution to the decarbonisation of heat, and as a means to support wider deployment of renewable gen - eration by providing a route to a proven technology bridging the gas and electricity networks. Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, said: "This feasibility study resulted in a close work - ing relationship with Northern Gas Networks and the results are very exciting for the deploy- ment of large scale power-to-gas energy storage on their network. Northern Gas Networks have emerged as leaders in the use of hydrogen in the UK gas network for both energy storage and for renewable heat. " Horsley added: "The work has shown our network is capa - ble of power-to-gas over several sites with InTEGReL the ideal base to explore the technology, and hopefully can lead to a firm commitment for real-world power-to-gas projects in the UK in the near future. "By bringing gas and electric together, there is an extremely valuable opportunity to drive down costs for customers, increase resilience and improve sustainability." lyser capacities of 50 megawatts (MW) and above within the boundaries of the respective gas and electricity distribution networks of NGN and Northern Powergrid. AŸer detailed analysis of NGN's network, accounting for seasonal variations in gas demand and the amount of hy - drogen able to be produced and blended with natural gas, the study revealed that a large area of the NGN grid could support power-to-gas. In particular four sites were identified, with the InTEGReL facility at Low Thornley, Gates - head representing the ideal location for a first-of-kind large- scale demonstration between NGN launched its InTEGReL project last year.

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